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Fleischer Superman Cartoons Films
Back in the early days of moving pictures (today we call them movies) it was typical to show a cartoon and possibly a new reel before the feature film. Fleischer Studios produced ...
Douglas Fairbanks Sr- The First Action Hero
Today in Hollywood with extreme celebrity workout programs that give guys like Jake Gyllenhaal washboard abs in a few month, CGI effects that can anyone seem like Crouching Tiger, and ...
Maureen O’Hara- The Queen of Technicolor
One of America’s most beloved actresses, Maureen O’Hara actually grew up in Ireland and wanted to become an opera star. With her beautiful soprano voice, she was accepted ...
Fleischer Superman Cartoon Episode Summaries
The first episode where we are first introduced to the man of steel. We find out a mad scientist has sent a letter to the Daily Planet threatening to destroy the city with a destructive ...
Jeanne Bell, the Blaxploitation Queen
Jeanne Bell aka Jeanne Bell aka Jean Bell is the epitome of a Blaxploitation super heroin. “What is Blaxploitation?” one might ask. According to Ask.com’s online dictionary it is “A ...