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Cary Grant – His Memorable Life and Carreer
Archibald Alexander Leach was the original name of the British – American actor called Cary Grant. Leach was born in 1904 in England and was famous for his unique Mid-Atlantic accent. ...
Douglas Fairbanks Jr – Glorious 90 years of Achievements
Brief Biography of Douglas Fairbanks Jr : Douglas Fairbanks Jr was an American veteran actor; he was actually the only son of the great actor Douglas Fairbanks. Born on December 09, ...
Carole Lombard – The Timeless Beauty
Carole Lombard came into this world on October 6, 1908 as Jane Alice Peters. Her birth took place in Fort Wayne, Indiana. Soon after, her mother and father got a divorce, she moved to ...
Hercules against the Moon Men (1964) – Movie Review
Young people are being sacrificed… The Moon Queen is about to wake… All humanity is threatened… Where is Hercules when you need him? In 1964, when the whole sword and sandal movie craze ...