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Rita Hayworth – Top Gorgeous Actress
Rita Hayworth’s early life Rita Hayworth was born in New York in 1918. She was originally known as Margarita Carmen Cansino. The woman was very elegant and one of the prettiest ...
Glenn Ford – an incredible seven decades career
Glenn Ford, one of the best Hollywood’s actors ever! Gwyllyn Samuel Newton Ford (known more succinctly as Glenn Ford, a stage name derived from his father’s Canadian hometown, ...
Bob Hope – Thanks for the Memories
Remember who is Bob Hope Bob Hope is perhaps the most recognized and successful personality, entertaining audiences in radio, movies, and television. While he never receiving an Oscar ...
Fleischer Superman Cartoons Films
Back in the early days of moving pictures (today we call them movies) it was typical to show a cartoon and possibly a new reel before the feature film. Fleischer Studios produced ...
Douglas Fairbanks Sr- The First Action Hero
Today in Hollywood with extreme celebrity workout programs that give guys like Jake Gyllenhaal washboard abs in a few month, CGI effects that can anyone seem like Crouching Tiger, and ...