Barbara Payton- A very celebrated actress of an Era

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Barbara Payton was a celebrated model and actress who bestrode the Hollywood filming industry like a colossus. She was born in the year 1927 and met her grave death in the year 1967 due to excessive alcohol abuse and leaving life on the fast lane. Her steady rise to fame saw her becoming a household name in Hollywood as well as a revered figure among her adoring fans.


Barbara Payton’s early life

Barbara Payton is said to have born to Norwegian immigrants Erwin Lee and Mabel Irene. She was lively as a kid and had an unusually potent effect on the opposite sex. Her sheer beauty endeared her to many people and her mother also encouraged her to use her feminine skills to her advantage. However, she was a rebel right from her formative years. Barbara eloped with her high school boyfriend when she was just 16 years old and went on to marry him. However, the marriage was annulled on her parent’s insistence as it amounted to nothing more than an impulse decision of a teenager.

Barbara Payton quit high school thereafter and did not face any form of resistance from her parents who held the belief that success in life is not wholly dependent on formal education. She went on to marry her second husband in the year 1944 known as John Payton, a decorated pilot. She and her husband separated in after 3 years of marriage with a son to show for it.

Barbara Payton


Barbara Payton’s Modeling career

Barbara Payton set out her modeling career by seeking the services of a local photographer who took amazing and beautiful photos of her in different outfits. Her photos inadvertently attracted the attention of a local designer by the name of Saba who went ahead to sign her for a modeling contract. Her amazing beauty and infectious smile soon made her a household name in the modeling industry. The fame brought about by her immense beauty saw her launching her film career when she caught the attention of William Goetz who at the time was an executive of the popular universal studios.


Barbara Payton’s Filming career

It’s imperative to note that Barbara Payton announced her entry into the filming industry by doing a screen test in the film Noir trapped. In as much as she was not chosen and lost the role to Marylyn Monroe in the first film, her amazing skills did not go unnoticed. She went ahead to star in notable films such as drums in the Deep South (1951) and Bride of the Gorilla (1951). Barbara Payton cast as Kathy the wife of Braxton in the film drums in the Deep South (1951). Her prowess and undeniable acting skills saw her getting a leading role in the popular “Bride of the gorilla” (1951) film. Her filming career was rather successful as she starred in more than 10 films before her drinking and drug addiction took a toll on her.

Barbara Payton


Barbara Payton in a nutshell

There is no denying that Barbara Payton was a force to reckon with both in the modeling and filming industry. Her amazing success story and unenviable acting skills propelled her to the echelon of success. However, this also came with a price as she went deep into drug addiction and alcohol drinking. Her successes in the film as well as modeling industry have been a manifestation of a once highly revered celebrity.

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