Beat the Devil (1953) – Movie Review

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Despite the wonderful cast (Humphrey Bogart, Jennifer Jones and Gina Lollobrigida), Beat the Devil is not the exciting and interesting story the name suggests. Furthermore, the movie does not entirely translate the full meaning of the plot to the audience. The story outline was derived from a novel. Therefore, it can be said that the novel is more appealing than the film itself. This man be the reason why this movie was a failure during the time it was listed in cinemas and theaters.

Beat the Devil (1953) - Movie Review

Beat the Devil features very dry content as it mainly focuses on five people who wanted to lay their hands on the uranium land in Africa. There is basically no climax and it stays monotonous as the story proceeds. As a result, the general effect of this movie is pure boredom. Even though the movie is around 88 minutes long, it feels very lengthy.

Viewers expected more excitement and thrills. On top of that, Beat the Devil belongs to the comedy genre but there is simply no sense of humor revealed throughout. Many thought that the story would be hilarious and comic but nothing appeared to be so.

It is rather difficult to classify the movie into any category as it is more of a general one. There are some scenes that focus on love and romance; some scenes that concentrate on action while others are humorous. But the sad part is it did not trigger any excitement in the audience. This movie does not have a main theme or specific aspect that it revolves around. However, on a lighter note, there are some parts that are interesting. Overall, it was a great novel with an intriguing storyline that was remade into a very bad movie.

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