Bradford Dillman: A Veteran Actor

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Bradford Dillman actor

Early history of Bradford Dillman

Bradford Dillman is a distinguished American author and actor. He was born on April 14, 1930 in California; the dad was Dean Dillman, a foremost stockbroker. During his school days in Hotchkiss boarding school situated in Connecticut, he was actively involved in theatre productions. Later on, he attended Yale University, where he read Theatre and Drama. During his school days, he was so studious and very attentive to the school rules and regulations. More so, in 1948, he was enlisted in the U.S naval reserve, and graduated with a B.A in English Literature.

Acting career of Bradford Dillman

His life history will be incomplete without giving a detailed analysis of his series of acting breakthroughs. He is an actor in the truest sense of the word. He was inspired by most actors of his day. In 1953, after doing acting apprenticing, he made his professional acting debut with the appearance of ‘The Scarecrow’ his acting success spanned for many years; about five decades. He was honored with the Golden Globe award in 1958. Bradford Dillman had a confident good looks plus a possessive charm that often provoked suspicion among critics. He is truly destined for greatness, he discovered in his childhood that he has a remarkable feat in the acting industry and he went ahead and achieved it.
At the peak of his acting exploits, he featured in the famous science fiction film “The Disappearance of Flight 412” ( 1974), with some celebrities such as Glenn Ford, David Soul, Guy Stockwell to mention but a few.

The Disappearance of Flight 412

Bradford Dillman and his Love for his Family

Bradford Dillman is an active family man. He loves his family dearly; a proud father of five children and a daughter Pamela Dillman- it is important to remark right away that his daughter later became a great actress, narrator, teacher of acting and directing as the case may be. ‘Are you somebody’ is his memoir where he detailed his personal life, his love for football among other things. According to his book, he was very alive and active between 1955 and 1995. Since 2003 till date, he has been living in Santa Barbra with his lovely family and he has much literary masterpieces to his credit.

Passion towards work

The life of Bradford Dillman has been marked by great achievements; he is so jovial and well loved by all that have come in contact with him. The science fiction drama film, “The Disappearance of Flight 412” (1974) popularized him. The film also brought him very close with some great actors and actresses. This great personality has been quoted in many national and international magazines. He has really done things worth writing and had written things worth reading. People admire his calm disposition and passion while acting. Insincerity and honesty, the acting industry will be incomplete without a great mention of his name; he really wrote his name in marbles of greatness. He is still revered among his fellow actors although he has not acted since late 90s.

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