Edgar Buchanan- Gem of Hollywood

Petticoat Junction & The Over the Hill Gang

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Edgar Buchanan:

Edgar Buchanan He was a Native American actor and had played leading roles in several television and films, Green acres, Petticoat Junction and Uncle Joe Carson were some of his hits. By profession he was a dentist and studied from North Pacific Dental College and had practiced as a dental surgeon in Oregon and Altadena. He became an actor at the age of 36. His gravelly voice and chubby face were the key factors in his success and become his trademark in the film industry. He worked in more than 100 films and achieved an honorable place in the film industry. One of the leading characters of The Over the Hill Gang (1969) was Edgar Buchanan.

Sequel of The Over the Hill Gang

The Over the Hill GangEdgar Buchanan was the key members of the gang who are reunited with an aim to flush out the corrupt political leaders or mayors from their town Texas. The Over the Hill Gang (1969) was a popular television film and touched the height of popularity that resulted in a sequel immediately after a year. Beating the appeal and impression of this movie was very hard for other old movies of the particular era. It was fascinating to see the veteran characters playing and confronting with situations with cleverness rather than the guns.

Basically, the story begins when O’Brien’s son-in-law made a decision to compete for the mayor in the next election. It was something unbearable for the mayor and he sends his armed force to halt his campaign. When the ex-ranger came to know about the problems his daughter and son in law were facing, he immediately sends a call to three of his former colleagues naming Edgar Buchanan, Walter Brennan, and Chill Wills for help.

In short, it was an outstanding movie and Edgar Buchanan was the gem of Hollywood and was nominated for several awards for his exceptional performances in different movies.

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