Sheena, Queen of the Jungle 1x12

Jungle Manhunt

Sheena clashes with Helfer, a surly and belligerent prospector, who Bob is helping in his search for precious minerals (right). They are both captured in a fight with the The Leopard Men, a violent cult that has been terrorising the local tribes and forcing the local inhabitants to abandon their land. Helfer explains to them that he brought The Leopard men to the region because he wants to take over the uranium mine of Carver, a local miner and friend of Sheena’s (below). He plans to sell the uaranium to a hostile foreign power. Helfer plans to use Bob and Sheena as hostages in case Carver decides to fight back. Chim alerts Carver that Sheena and Bob are in danger and he rallies his men to rescue them. Helfer keeps Carver at bay with threats to shoot both Bob and Sheena but Chim loosens their bonds while Helfer is busy talking. They jump Helfer and fight off his men, allowing Carver and his men to charge Helfer’s camp. Helfer escapes, but Sheena follows him to the river through the trees and knocks him into the river where he is devoured by crocodiles. The tribes can now live in peace again.

Sheena, Queen of the Jungle: 1×12
Nov. 22, 1955

Sheena, Queen of the Jungle season 1

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