Sheena, Queen of the Jungle 1x19

The Renegades

Diane Russell, the sister-in-law of Colonel Deveridge, a widowed plantation owner, wants to take over Deveridge’s plantation and begins by trying to kill his son, David. She abandons him in the jungle after a picnic but Sheena rescues him from a lion and takes him back to the plantation (right). Sheena takes an immediate dislike to Diane and begins watching her movements. Diane devises another plan and begins fomenting unrest amongst the local natives. Diane’s housekeeper, Nivita, is betrothed to the local chief, Mengai. Diane suggests that Nivita point out to Mengai that the plantation is on native land and that Colonel Deveridge is exploiting the natives, making them work the land he has taken from them for his own financial gain. Sheena overhears the conversation through the window and alerts Bob and Deveridge. Mengai incites the warriors to attack Deveridge’s bungalow but Sheena slows the warriors assault by setting up a vine trap across the trail. Bob arrives at the plantation and calms the warriors by pointing out that Diane Russell had instigated the trouble to take over the plantation. He explains that once Deveridge and David were dead Mengai would be be imprisoned and she would be in charge. Deveridge offers to return the land but the natives feel they are better off under the colonial system.

May. 28, 2017

Sheena, Queen of the Jungle season 1

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