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Early life of Fred Astaire

Fred Astaire is an American stage dancer; singer, choreographer, actor and musician, born in the early hours of May 10, 1899 in the United States and died at a ripped age of 88 on June 22, 1987. His stage and public appearances spanned for an unprecedented 76 years. During this time, he made about 31 musical films. Specifically, he was in great affiliation with Ginger Rogers, with whom he made ten famous films. Additionally, he was in great association with many musical figures too numerous to mention. And most of these people to a great extent acknowledge his importance and influence on their lives.

Influence of Fred Astaire in the Era

This guy was an influential personality; he had a calm and unassuming personality. You will love him at a sight of him. On many occasions, he will say that he cannot sing, but his admirers will always say that he is the finest singer his age had produced.

Furthermore, his musical romance with some of his partners gave birth to some world class songs such as: Funny face, fascinating Rhythm, A fine Romance, Pick yourself Up, A couple of Swells, shall we dance and so on. Politically, he was a lifelong and conservative supporter of the Republican Party. He is such a nice guy; a light to some of his fellow compatriots.

Fred Astaire in The Over the Hill Gang Rides Again

He produced many films, but is well-known for the amazing ‘The Over the Hill Gang Rides Again’, released in 1970. This lucrative film also starred his long time friend and associate Walter Brennan. It is on record that this movie featured in the ‘ABC movie’ before ‘The western comedy the Over-Hill Gang’

This viable film ‘The Over the Hill Gang Rides Again’ has been watched for more than twenty million of the world population till date. On many occasions, he was honored with some world class awards for releasing a film that was able to touch the lives of millions across the globe. Most of these awards were received posthumously. And many admirers and lovers have paid tributes to him using a wide range of appellations. Some say, he is the best singer, dancer and musician the world has ever produced.

In the 20th century, he worked in more than nine entertainment media outfits, and in each of these places, he left an enviable record of excellence. If you browse through the internet, you will surely discover lots of biographies and stories told by those that have had the privilege of meeting him in person.

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Inspiration for the present generation

This great public figure died on June 22, 1987. His burial was highly attended by many presidents and celebrities of the film industry. His life was highly productive; which to a great extent inspired the lives of millions simultaneously. To say the least, Fred Astaire was a celebrity in the truest sense of life. The greatest memorial to leave on the surface of the earth is an inspirational life for our generation, and this was what he achieved happily.

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