Georges Méliès Career as a Director in Film Production

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Early life of Georges Méliès

Born on December 8th 1861, Georges Méliès showed interest in films at a young and tender age. He is a household legend in the industry of film production. Georges is the father of effects that were incorporated in the films during his time. This iconic public figure is remembered for the innovative ideas which were portrayed in the films that he played the role of a director. In the books of history, Georges is remembered as a person behind the invention of stop trick in the year 1896. He is also known as the first filmmaker who successfully used “multiple expose” in the films that he directed. Georges Méliès ability to transform real life situations into films; lead to him being recognized as a cinemagician.

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Recognition of Georges Méliès

Georges Méliès is remembered in the film industry where he played the role of a director in the film Le Voyage Dans La Lune (1902) which was showcased in the year 1902. The film bears the French word which in English words translates to “A Trip to the Moon”. The movie reflects an artistic creation which borrows heavily the tricks and ideas of Georges Méliès . The film where Georges played the role of the director was featured as the best film that portrayed science fiction.

Georges is also one of the pioneers in the horror cinema film in 1896, which bore a French title of “Le Manoir du diable”.


The birth of Georges Méliès career

George’s career came into being when he began displaying artistic creations at a very young age which surpassed the creation of intellects. He discovered his talent even before being fully educated. He decided to pursue his career in the year 1896 after his artistic discovery of using works of art which he displayed in his first film. These artistic creations included; “hand painted color, dissolves in films and time-lapse photography”.


Development of Georges Méliès career

The career of Georges was mainly centered on the works of arts. His career took to the boom after he acquired “Theatre Robert Houdin” where he employed his own artistic creations to develop the theatre center even though it was well equipped. In the following 9 years, the center was transformed and gained new meaning where comedies and dramas were hosted and attendance improved with time. He is an icon who is remembered for using illusions in the dramas and comedies that were showcased in his theatre. One of the greatest illusions that Georges is remembered for is, “Recalcitrant Decapitated Man” where a professor’s head was chopped off and the speech continued till when the head is returned in his body.

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Emergence of Georges Méliès as a director

Being the owner of “Theatre Robert Houdin”, Georges never displayed his skills on the stage but rather worked behind the scenes. For quite some time, he remained underground till when he resumed in lime light where he acted as the director and a producer of comedies and dramas that were shown in his theatre. Since then he participated full time in directing films. It is in the year 1904 that he became a renowned director where he directed “The Impossible Voyage” a film that has the same similarities as Le Voyage Dans La Lune (1902). This legend will forever live to be remembered for engineering the path and greatness of film production.

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