Humphrey Bogart- A recognized actor and cultural icon

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Humphrey Bogart was an outstanding American actor and was regarded as the cultural icon. He played an exceptional role in several movies and also performed on stage in many occasions. Amongst many feathers in his head, he got the title of the best male star in American Cinema from American Film Institute.

humphrey bogart

“Beat The Devil” is one of Humphrey Bogart’s best film directed by John Huston in 1953. Mr. Bogart was one of the 5 notorious adventurers who put their effort to extract uranium from the East African. The other cast of the film includes arrogant fraud Peter Lorre, Robert Morley whose presence was always a source of suspicion and speculation. The screenplay of the film was composed by Truman Capote and Huston and was lightly based on a novel by the British critic and Journalists Claud Cockburn.

Beat The Devil (1953):

This composition of Huston doesn’t fit into standard film categories i.e. Comedy, thriller, crime, drama and romance. It was a kind of Film Noir which created the trend for the coming years. Beat The Devil (1953) was the most delightful film by Huston, though it was a parody but, in his own personal style. Most of the film action was dramatized in an Italian sea port. The Motley group was anticipating a ship to the East Africa. They desire to get uranium covered land.

Gina Lollobrigida played a marvelous role of Bogart’s wife. The screenplay and script was too spontaneous and creative. Interestingly, the screenplay was finalized and written some twelve hours before shooting every day. Bogart invested a handsome amount of his own money into the success of this project and got enormous popularity with the release. From the very first day the film got unexpected popularity and was a cult favorite.

Humphrey Bogart:

He was the real gemstone of Hollywood and is known across the globe for his tremendous acting. After experiencing several jobs he started acting in 1921 and covered the tracks of success and familiarity within no time. He also served the Navy in his early days and was recorded as the model sailor. In 1919 he was expelled from navy and that was the day his destiny introduced him with another profession. He met Alice Brady a stage actor who hired him as his company manager. In 1921, he made his stage debut in a play naming Drifting. He played the role of a Japanese waiter. He got the Academy Award in 1951 for the film “The African Queen”.  The interesting thing about Mr. Humphrey Bogart is he got married for four times. His 4th wife is his gorgeous co-star in “To have and Have Not” and had a daughter and a son.

humphrey bogart

Cast of Beat The Devil (1953)

  • Humphrey Bogart
  • Gina Lollobrigida
  • Jennifer Johnes
  • Edward Underdown
  • Robert Morley
  • Marco Tulli
  • Peter Lorre
  •  Mario Perrone
  • Saro Urzi
  • Bernard Lee
  • Giulio Donnini

Though, the movie was not welcomed stunningly by the critics and even Humphrey Bogart was not happy with the movie but, still it did a wonderful job and was the winner of “National Board of Review”.

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