Laurette Luez: Amazing Actress and Singer

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Early life of Laurette Luez:

She was an American successful commercial model and supporting actor who appeared in many television programs and films numbering over three hundred for an unprecedented 20 year career.  Born on August 19, 1928 in Hawaii, and died on September 12, 1999 in Milton, Florida, United States.

Her parents; Frank and Francesca Luiz were well known singers and dancers, and the time of her with the parents influenced her greatly especially her mother. At a very tender age, she developed her interest in film and music, eventually her love for acting overshadowed her interest in music by the time.

Laurette Luez - celebrity biography

Hollywood career of Laurette Luez:

She featured in many programs and films such as ‘Esquire’ in 1944. The following year, she signed a five year contract with the famous 20th century-Fox, and was happily earning $125 on a weekly basis. Between 1947 to 1949, she was appearing regularly in artworks and photographs for brands like ‘Lux soap’. She loved working with Flynn, according to her; the experience was full of fun.

She starred in the famous science fiction film; ‘Prehistoric women’ 1950. This was an amazing, interesting and entertaining adventure film which was written and directed by Gregg Tallas. The film also featured other celebrities and screen idols of her time. However, many people since 1950 always linked her name with the film ‘Prehistoric Women 1950’. The film has made a towering impact on the lives of the people till date. As in 1990, it was estimated that over fifty million copies of that great film had been sold all over the globe.

prehistoric women - free movie

Marriages of Laurette Luez:

Her married life was marred with lots of ups and downs; the first was her marriage with the popular actor Philip Sudano in 1947, and the marriage produced an issue, Alexander Eden in 1948, and they divorced the same year.

The second was her marriage with Gregg Tallas, a Greek Director which lasted for only three months. During this period, Tallas wanted to open a production firm in Greece in which he dreamed of featuring Luez as his star. However, that dream never materialized.

In 1951, she got entangled with Ed Harrison, a real estate investor. Initially, she believed that marriage would last; eventually it crumbled like the former ones.  When she was interviewed on what happened between them, she kept saying that Harrison had not truly divorced the former wife and that Harrison threatened her life and film pursuits. While her partner said that they separated due to irreconcilable differences.

Her last marriage was with Robert Creel in 1956, and both divorced in 1983. Their marriage produced two offspring, a boy, Craig and a girl, Claudette. Unlike her previous marriage encounters, this marriage lasted for a very long time.

Last years of Laurette Luez:

Laurette Luez was living happily in Los Felix with her sister and nephew since 1990, then on September 12, 1999, she died in Florida at the age of 71, but the cause of the death was not disclosed. She has and will always be occupying the place in good books.

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