Night of the Living Dead (1968)

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Night of the Living Dead is a horror movie that will send chills down the spine of its viewers. Throughout this movie, there are various scenes that are terrifying and disgusting, especially the part where the zombies consume human flesh.

The main plot of this movie was to create a general idea of how the zombies can be menacing and threatening to the living humans. Therefore, the main purpose of the movie to create horror and fear amongst the viewers is tactfully established.

night of the living dead - free zombis movie

However, the movie’s visual effects are not very fantastic. This is probably due to the fact that this was a black and white film. Maybe the director, George A. Romero, wanted to keep the costs down to the minimum. Due to these reasons, the effects were rather average, as the real blood color when fed on the human flesh could not be seen clearly.

The story explains that the zombies were alive due to the radiation effect as a result of a satellite failure. For the time, a satellite failure was considered a technologically advanced explanation. On the other hand, the poor movie effects did not seem to match with its high technology narration.

Furthermore, the zombies were actually not very frightening or terrifying as shown in the movie. They were simply just humans who looked listless and lifeless, without any sharp fangs or sharp claws attached while they attacked the humans. Generally speaking, this movie has achieved its aim to instilling the fear factor and horror in the viewers mind.

night of the living dead - free zombies movie

Those who love to watch horror movies must have enjoyed Night of the Living Dead but still there were not too many positive reviews about the movie. The reason can be the low cost of the film or simply maybe it was shot in black and white.

However the movie is a classic horror film and deserve to be watched by all horror movie fans.

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