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Some facts about Walter Brennan

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Free movie with Walter Brennan

Walter Brennan was a famous American actor. He was featured in the film The Over the Hill Gang (1969), together with Edgar Buchanan, Andy Devine and others. Walter Brennan stands out from the rest because of his accomplishment in winning the Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor for three times. Only few other actors have won Oscars this often.

The personal life of Walter Brennan

Walter Brennan was born on July 25th, 1894 in Lynn, Massachusetts. His parents were immigrants and he had two other siblings, one older and one younger than him. Walter’s father was an inventor as well as an engineer, and when Walter grew up; he chose to study engineering as well.

At a very young age, Walter got interested in acting. When he was just 15, he performed in Vaudeville. Shortly after, he enlisted in the US army and served in the First World War in France. After a short stay in Guatemala where he made a living from raising pineapples, he finally settled in Los Angeles. A point of interest might be that he actually made quite a fortune there, since he started in the real estate market. However, due to the Great Depression in 1929 he lost most of his money.
In the year 1920, he got married to Ruth Wells; the couple was blessed with one daughter and two sons. Walter Brennan eventually died from emphysema in 1974 in Oxnard, at the age of eighty. His wife died 20 years later in 1997. Walter accomplished a flourishing career in acting, which will be discussed hereafter.

Walter Brennan’s acting career

After his major financial loss, Walter started acting again and took on some extra parts. He played as many roles possible for some time until his talent finally got recognized in the 1930s. Some of these roles include, The Invisible Man (1933) and Bride of Frankenstein (1931). From there on after he started playing in more substantial parts, he even worked as a stuntman for some time.
Often times Walter Brennan got called upon to play characters that were noticeably older than he was in real life. After an accident in 1932, he lost many teeth and his appearance has never been the same ever since. He took great advantage of this in the roles he played.

Free movie with Walter Brennan

The Over the Hill Gang (1969)

Walter was featured in a Western comedy of 1969 –“The Over the Hill Gang”, together with Pat O’Brien, Andy Devine and Edgar Buchanan. The story was about a newspaper editor that started a campaign to dethrone the Chief of the town, which was supported by the sheriff and the judge. The campaign was backed by a Texas Ranger and three of the finest shooters. The movie was followed by a second part “The Over The Hill Gang Rides Again” (with Fred Astaire). Other famous movies of Walter Brennan were; Come and Get It (193), Meet John Doe (1941), Task Force (1949) and Along The Great Divide (1951). It can easily be stated that Walter Brennan was one of the greatest actors of the 19th century when it comes to sound movies.

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